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I am a 50+ yr old stay at home wife of a scientist/Military man.  I raise chickens for eggs, rescue dogs & cats & spoil them all.  I am a silver/metal smith & stained glass artist.  I, at one time was an secondary art teacher & Social Studies teacher.  I am sorta a eclectic earth mother who recycles everything I can get my hands on.  Enjoy working with power tools & even built my own 10ft by 6ft chicken coop.  am pretty much interested in learning everything I can thur books, magazines & friends. I enjoy veggie gardening & doing gardens just for the chickens. I also sew & love making pioneer style comfortable clothes for myself & adding vintage lace when I can find it. I am pretty easygoing, but need my coffee first before I am ready to face the world & day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Using fresh & dried herbs for your chickens & why they are important

My Pipper girl all bundled up during the very  old spell we had last month (Feb 2014)

Hello everyone, well the computer is still here at the moment & I wanted to do a blog on things you can grow for your chickens health.  I have been doing gardens for the 'kids' since I got them years back & love the fact they are getting healthy veggies/fruits & herbs that I grow for them.

I just got the new issue of 'Chicken' magazine & a wonderful article done by Lisa Steele was in it about using fresh herbs for your chickens. years back I did research & found that fresh or dried herbs can been very good health wise for your flock.

I bet some of you never knew a chicken has a very good sense of smell so having these wonderful smelling herbs in their coop/nesting boxes & run will help them not only in the smell but in the eating of some of them.

I am paraphrasing much of Ms. Steels article, but if you are really interested the magazine is by Hobby Farms called Chickens & is issue May/June 2014....definitely worth buying it if you can as it does a better detailed explanation of the herbs.

The main use in this article seems to be based on broody hens who are in-activity while they sit on eggs.  Since they tend to eat less & have little exercise adding fresh (or dried) herbs can benefit them in health.

By growing herbs & adding them to the coop either in bundles tied to the ceiling or thrown on the floor where they can eat what they like also can create a coop that is fresher in smell as well as deter bugs, which as a chicken raiser is important to me...the less bugs that bother my chickens the better.

You do not have to use every herb I list if you don't grow them or want to get them.  Plus many herbs have more than one use, which can be nice if you are wanting to help the chicken itself as well as get rid of smells & bugs in the coop/run.

For repelling bugs, you can make bundles of herbs & tie them to the ceiling, tuck in the nesting boxes, sprinkle in the corners & floor:

Bay leaves
Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass (chop up into small pieces so they don't get gizzard bound)
Marigold heads\

You can also use the dried herbs that are listed above but they may not have the same power as the fresh.

Herbs with good antioxidants:

Bay leaves
grated fresh Ginger

These can be put in bowls around the coop/ run or thrown out with their treats or scratch.  Don't mix it with the feed as it may cause the feed to mold over time.

Good Protein herbs: Give fresh if possible, but even dry will give them some benefits

Coriander (the whole upper plant)
Dill (the whole upper plant)

Herbs to maintain overall good health:

Bay leave-immune system
Garlic-immune system
Oregano- believed to combat E. coli, salmonella, coccidia  plus other transferable diseases
Parsley- has lots of good Vits in it

Herbs for respiratory ailments:

Bee Balm
Cinnamon (use powder inside nesting boxes mixed in with bedding)

If you have a sick chicken you can create small bundles tied up & placed inside the coop or loosely used in the nesting boxes or sick boxes for them to inhale &/or eat.  You can also steep the herbs as a tea, drain & add to a humidifier inside the coop to add a healthy moisture to the coop for the sick chickens.  I also do a mints & eucalyptus tea that once strained is added to the dehumidifier for my chickens with bad sinus ailments, sneezing & coughing.  I have the humidifier on a timer so it shuts off before all the water/steam is gone.

Herbs for a Broody hen:

To keep them calm & relaxed-(also good for sick or injured chickens as well)

Bee Balm
Dill (all upper plant)
Lemon Balm

To keep nesting box cleaner-all these have antibacterial & anti fungal properties which can keep molds.fungus/bad bacteria from growing under the hen as she lays on the eggs....Just check daily & remove if they start to go bad or mold  & add fresh for them.

Bee Balm

Herbs to use for hens who aren't laying due to stress/illness/injury or change


As you see many have more than one use, so those would be wonderful to grow so that you can supply the chickens these all during the growing season fresh then use dried during the colder non-growing months.
Using the herbs with proteins in the laying boxes gives the hen something to eat when she is not wanting to leave the box & if you have ever had a broody hen, you know how much weight they tend to lose so giving them these different fresh herbs helps keep them healthy & content while sitting there all those weeks.

Some of you know I do a separate garden just for my chickens & do a large herb bed, so this year I will be adding many more herbs so that I can add more to their diet & to make the coop/nesting boxes nicer for them.

While at the farm I did grow Parsley, Dill, Cilantro, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano which they didn't seem to mess with even when they were in the herb areas but my Roo CeeCee did love digging up the Parsley & laying under it & Pipper loved to lay under the Rosemary.  So for the ones I have now, I know they don't really care for these herbs but they do love Marigold blooms.  So I will experiment this year & see what things I do grow that they might eat if I throw them out as scratch/treats for them.  Some of the herbs listed aren't all used as eating herbs like the lavender, but it is used like aromatherapy & a pest repellent, so it should be interesting to see what helps with them.

This is one of the reasons I so enjoy raising chickens, as there is so many simple things you can do for them that benefit them.   Plus I love playing in the gardens so it also benefits me.

Have a great chicken day!

M' & crew

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dazed, confused & its still winter

Good morning everyone!

Once again I will be off line for quite awhile as this notebook is leaving the house either by give away or trashed. But before I do that I wanted to do a blog to catch you up on things.
 The 7 hens I brought home that made it through raccoon attacks & a very cold trailer, are doing well.  I have Lauria, the crooked neck hen & Pipper the twisted leg hen both in the house, Lacey is in today with them as she gets so cold even with the ceramic heat lamps she shakes really bad form the cold.  She has never gotten a good set of feathers & just can't stay warm so I have no problem bringing her in on the really nasty days to visit with Lauria.  She picks on Pipper so I keep Pipper up in the living room with me on those days.

We just had 2 fairly decent days of mid 30's & lower 40's but today its getting cold again & they say more snow is headed this way.  I love winter but this up & down of the weather where it rains, then ices up, then snows then heats up is driving me nuts as is it for the hens. 

I try to open the shop door on the nice days so they can get  a bit of sun & lay on the dry bedding that's outside on the snow.  Without the bedding hay down they won't come out if they see just snow.  I worry they are not getting the doses of Vit D they need so I am glad when they venture out even if its for just 10 minutes.

Thomas did not check his VA for school & it will be cut off April 13th, yet he still has classes until the mid of May so no income except for the $365 from military I have had to put my antique wood cooking stove & turn of the 19th century file cabinet up for sell. 

Saturday took all my good silver & gold jewelry in to a jewelry store that buys gold/silver....about 30 pieces of nice jewelry got only $600, so that hurt big time when it was at least a few $1000 in jewelry...had to give up my wedding rings also....So nothing left to hand down to my adopted grand daughter, which made me really sad.

Its not so much that I was attached to all I am having to sell but its the fact I am the only one giving up things in the house. Its like I am the only one who is worried & trying to keep the house, but soon I won't be able to help.

Now before any one yells at me & tells me to get a job, I live in a small town & check jobs often to see if there is anything I can do that I can get to.  We have one car & Thomas has it from early morning to early evening, plus one weekend each month so even finding a midnight shift that ends before 6:30 a.m. is hard but I have looked here & in towns I can drive to.  I don't care if I am washing dishes or cleaning bathrooms, I did that before I went to college & I never minded those types of jobs.

I also spent 4 days in Feb in the hosp for blood clots in my right lung & left leg again & am now on blood thinners again which means until every thing is balanced out I have to go have 2 bloods tests a week which is proving to be a pain as I have to work around Thomas school classes so instead of getting them when the doctor tells me I have to wait until Thomas decides to come home & take its always late going to the doctor, so I never know what med dose to take to keep everything on the right side.  Plus my poor tummy is all bruised up from the twice daily shots but at least they don't really hurt just look really bad.

The big problem is between the shoots & pills I have daily migraines & if you deal with migraines you know how bad this can be.  I am living on migraine medicine & lots of coffee everyday trying to dull them so I can even think. 

So its like everything is ganging up on me at once & I am just at a loss of what to do besides tend to the hens.  At least they are easy & love seeing me, even if its for treats.....Now Prudence does sometimes complain about the others to me but usually she vents to me & then goes on like everything is back to better.

Its times like this I wish I was back at the farm with everything crazy but manageable & it was up to me to tend to it or it didn't get done.  Didn't have to depend on anyone else so it made it easier for me or help me.  I figured out yesterday that to be here in this house its nearly $2000 for the house, house insurance, car insurance, electric, wood for wood stove, gas for car, phone land line....that doesn't include food, propane, oil , military credit card...& on the farm with Rent, food & electricity for the coop, chicken feed was $300 or less a month....

Needless to say I was shocked at how I could live that cheap but here its so high & even though soon some of the things will be shut land line, computer & Thomas cable...that will save $200 a month but there's still the house payment, insurance etc that has to be paid & I just don't know how it will be.  If I had my way everything would be shut off & we would live like I did at the farm with just the wood stove & oil lamps, which may be a reality soon & I am fine with that. 

We are having to apply for food stamps at the end of the month & I am unhappy over that cause in my mind that's for families with children not for ones without children, so that has me in a tail spin.  The only reason the hens have fed is I got $50 for my Birthday & I kept $20 of it just for them.  I also still have about 300 lbs of their winter mix I did up at the farm so have been feeding them more of that over the winter even on the warm days as its got lots of healthy things in it for them.  Plus once it warms up the hens who still lay should be producing more eggs for us to eat & that will help. Plus when things get to be too much for me I can go out & be with them & they make me they are staying.

I don't understand why things have gotten so bad here but I do know it could be better if it was a team working together instead of just me trying to fix things.....I think things have gone too far & may never get fixed....things as so broken there may not be enough glue to put them back together.

So anyway this is a sucky post but I needed to let off some steam & let you know I may not be posting anything for quite some time.....even so there are plenty of articles I have written on chickens if you need them.

Have a great chicken day

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter can ruffle a few feathers with your chickens...things to be aware of for them

                                                      Gertie Girl

Hello Everyone!

While we stay fairly warm in our homes with this really bitter weather hitting we may not be thinking of going out & really tending to our chickens, thinking as long as they have feed & water they will be alright.

If you are like me you worry if they are really going to be ok when its dropping way below zero at night & during the day the winds are bitter.  So here are a few thoughts to maybe help you.

Even with a good coop if you have a breeze coming through, your chickens will be cold & can get sick.  If you have nothing else, plastic trash bags tacked up over the areas that have drafts will greatly help in keeping the warm air in the coop.

If you have windows & the inside is iced up, cover those with clear plastic if you are still wanting light in or use any trash bag, old tarps or even old blankets over them to help remove the cold from inside the coop.
                    Moonlite in big coop that has extra plastic on the walls

Create a better layer of deeper bedding on the floor so they aren't battling cold feet that can get frost bite from being on a cleaned cement or even dirt floor.   You may have more to clean out after the winter but the chickens will thank you for this.

Some chickens decide to molt just as it gets cold so having more hay in the coop greatly helps them...think of it as you being outside in near zero weather with just a T-shirt on all day & would be freezing & no matter how much you moved or got into an area with no wind you would still be very cold.  Plus as they are trying to regrow feathers their body is not getting as much energy to create the heat they need. 

If you don't have any heat in the coop the extra bedding & plastic is very important for them, even with heat the extra bedding keeps the floor area warmer since the heat always raises.  It also gets them moving as they like to scratch in the bedding looking for bits to eat. 

Providing cracked corn or scratch feed with corn each morning when they get up  & just before they go to bed helps give their body something to break down & helps keep them warmer for longer. But do not replace their feed with just scratch or cracked corn.  They need that for the minerals/vits/protein & so on specially when the weather is so cold.

Many chickens will not leave the coop if they see snow on the ground, but on the better days they really need to get out & clear their lungs of all the dust & get a bit of sun so if you have ones who refuse to leave the coop, take some of the old bedding from the coop & spread it out in front of the coop door & out a bit.  They will see the hay & most will venture out even if its for a short period of time.  It also gives you the time with them out to clean or tidy up the coop without them underfoot.
Gertie & Lauria glad to see some ground with the snow or they would never come out

Water is a big issue in the winter as it tends to always be frozen if you don't have a water heater or lamps in the coop so you will need to try & check it often for them.  After they  go to bed you don't really need water in the coop for them so you can remove the water & bring it in.  This is also a good way to remind yourself to give them fresh water every morning.  Just remember that if no water in 24 hours, you have very sick chickens & within 36-48 hours they are dead.

I try to remember to give them apple cider vinegar in the water (capful or so to each gallon is good enough) because it has antibiotic properties which will help the chickens.  Now there is a lot of information on the web that says it has to be the kind with the "mother" in it....all that means is when the vinegar was made the gunk you see growing in it, is to stay in it as it has great benefits.  But if you can't find it, there is organic or regular apple cider vinegar that will work....just not as well but it still has some of the good properties & chickens tend to drink more water as they like the vinegar in it.

Winter is a good time to also feed them warm meals specially when they get up, it doesn't have to be fancy like oatmeal but even their normal feed with warm water will make them happy & keep their little bodies warm a lot longer.
                   Moonlite getting a bit of outside time in between the snows

Frost bite is another thing you deal with if you have chickens with large combs & waddles.  Waddles get wet each time they drink water so the chances of frost bite there are high.  Even small combs get frost bite if they are outside for too long a time, as can the feet & legs.  The beginnings of frost bite  on the combs Waddles are a bit yellowish or gray in areas, if treated with Vaseline & moved to the inside these have a chance of healing, but if you get black areas you already have the frost bite & those areas will die. What ever you do, never put a hot wash cloth or rag on the area.  Just like with humans, you treat their frost bite the same way.  Never try to cut the areas off, if really bad find a chicken or farm vet who can tend to them properly.  Now with the feet occasionally they get frost bite on a toe & that toe will eventually fall off.  You need to tend to it as soon as you see it...get the chicken in the house, get a bowl of lukewarm or even room temperate (never hot)water & soak the foot.  If you have it add benedine to the water so it can kill any infection that may be starting that you can't see.  Very very gently dry off the foot after the water has began to cool, normally this is within 10 minutes or so. 

Use the cotton type gauze (not cotton balls that will stick) & gently wrap the toe but do not wind it tight, you want it to only protect the toe to help with the pain when it stands.  Now tape it so the tape runs up the leg so it won't come off.  For the best results you should keep the chicken in the house in a cage in a quiet area until the toe falls off. 

If put back in the coop you could get more toes that get frost bite or other chickens may peck at the bandages.  You will need to unwrap, soak & re-bandage it daily, so you can see if the rest if the foot & leg aren't getting infected.  If infection sets in you might want to put the chicken done or see a chicken vet for more help.  Once the toe has fallen off you will need to use a antibiotic ointment on the end & I would recommend a small bandage on that as well.

 Every 3-4 days remove the bandage, wash & medicate until its completely healed.  A chicken can walk with a complete toe missing but it may take a while for it to understand its new balance, so do not get upset if you see it stagger, limp or hold that foot up.  Eventually it will figure out how to walk & get around alright.

Putting just plain old Vaseline on the waddles & combs of all your chickens is a big help to prevent frost bite as is just leaving them in the coop when its bitter cold & windy. If you don't have Vaseline you can use lard, shortening cooking oil or even antibiotic want something that has a oil base so it seals the area of the skin.
I keep a thick old wash cloth in my coop because a lot of mine like to get a big drink before they go to the roost, so once they are up on the roost I will help dry the waddles with the cloth for them.  I will also dry their feet if they are wet while they are up on the roost.
               Kids checking out newly plastic-ed coop & new hay bales to play on

Because if them staying in the coop more you may hear more sneezing & coughing, plus see clear running noses.  they stir up a lot of dust in the air & can't get away from it so it gets in their throats & in the sinuses.  To help with this change the old dusty bedding often....that's the good stuff to throw out in front of the coop to get them to go out side. If you see moisture/wetness on the inside walls or windows you need to make sure there is a vent of some sort to remove the stagnate air that is in the coop, most times having the door open a small bit during the day will help with that even if they aren't going outside. that moisture can cause illness to the chicken so its important to check the walls & windows.

Another thing you need to be aware of is chickens who love to play on the snow & come in all wet.  If the coop is cold with no heat lamps they will get up on the roost to sleep & have a hard time getting dry.  So having a towel to help dry them off is a good thing to do or even using a hair dryer on low to get some of the feathers dry...just make sure to get the under feathers that lay close to their body dry if possible. 

Mine, I bring inside & let them hang out in front of the wood stove to dry for the night if its super cold in the coop.  If you have a lot of them that do this then the towel will greatly help & putting them in the nesting boxes instead of the roost will help them stay warmer.  I carry a flashlight so I can just pick them up off the roost & get them into the boxes, that way they don't climb right back out & head for the perch again.

If you do get a chicken who coughs, has watery eyes & a running nose that is cloudy or green, that baby has a respiratory infection.  Always have on hand Vicks vapor rub & chicken RX medicine.  The RX medicine is used down the throat & under the wings & I use the Vicks on the waddles & a thin amount on the nose area so they can breath better. 
        3 of the hens trying to dust bathe even thought the ground is still frozen

If they are having a rough time breathing give them a steam treatment.  Either run the shower on hot & let the room get really thick with steam & leave them in there to breath it or do the bowl & towel bit like you would do with a child, but you will need to have your head covered  with the towel also & do the steam treatment with the chicken as you hold it.  I sometimes put a few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil in the bowl to help them.  Plus its a benefit to me as well.  Once you do the steam treatment then do the Vicks on their nose & waddles & the RX if you have it.  I normally leave that chicken in the house so I can watch it & redo the steam treatments a few more times until the chicken is breathing better.

Chickens tend to eat more when its cold to keep up their energy & body warmth so make sure they always have a good supply of feed available, add extra treats of the cracked corn, raw oatmeal or cooked (never raw/dried)rice if you want when its bitter cold.  Some say never give them a lot of treats, but I see no reason not to do it on the days its below freezing & the chickens are shivering from the cold.

 By getting the treats that they will eat, they are up, moving & creating body heat.  they still have their normal feed there if they want it, but this way each time I go check on them, I can see everyone of them & see how they are doing.

Also check their beaks for cracks, chips & splits as they tend to peck at frozen things & sometimes crack/split the beak. for mild chips, cracks or splits you can use a emery board that's used for filing fingernails & file the area so its smooth.  For severe cracks that go into the meaty area of the beak you can use a GEL type super glue...NEVER use the regular super glue liquid kind as you can not control it & you can seal the beak closed.  With the gel type, you can put it on a piece of paper & use a tooth pick to put a small bit of the glue on the cracked area.  Make sure to blow to dry it quickly as the gel type takes a bit longer to dry.  If the crack is bad & slightly open cut a small piece of cotton gauze or tissue paper that just fits over that area.  Put the glue on first very thinly then place the gauze over it, blow dry then add a very thin layer of the gel glue over the gauze to help keep it there, again blowing on it to dry it.  To make it easier for the chicken while this heals/grows out keep its feed wet/moist so its not banging its beak to get the feed.  As the crack grows out you will need to keep the area filed smooth for the chicken.

With the chickens in the coop more you may have more mites as well, so try to dust often when you can get the chickens out side, specially in the nesting boxes.  Dust the chickens once a week with D earth if possible, since they can not dust themselves while they have no area to dust in.

Another thing to watch out for is feather pulling, when chickens are bored or feel cramped/crowded they tend to take it out on each other by pulling out each others them something to do like pecking at a pumpkin, head of lettuce or cabbage will entertain them, give them exercise & keep them warm.  they can & will feel stress even if we don't notice, so having something for them to do will greatly help them.  I have a bale of bedding hay that I took the strings off & they love to jump all over that & dig in it during the day...simple idea that keeps them busy so they are not picking on each other.

If you do not have a light on in your coop expect some or all of your hens to quit laying eggs...they say most hens need 14-16 hours of light to lay.  I have who will lay ever so often in the winter, but I know that they normally quit because I only have the light on for 12 hours instead of the 14-16 cause I don't care if I get eggs.  I just have the light on so they can be up a bit longer to eat, drink water & play if they want.

If you do have a run or free range them, please check often their water & feed.  Also check to see if all your chickens are alright.  Funny how they can get hurt more in the winter since things are covered in snow(its much easier to see blood on snow that it is in the grass).  Plus double check when they come in for frost bite, leg wounds & so on that they might not get if they were inside a coop all day.

Who knew there were so many things to think about with raising chickens in the winter?  Hope this has helped in some small way with your chickens.

Have a great Chicken day,



Friday, January 3, 2014

What rules do you live by or wish to live by

Someone sent me this on Facebook & I had to share it with you because I thought it was a perfect way to describe me.

Well I shouldn't be so hasty by implying I am all of this, but I do honestly try to be.

With so many setting new goals for themselves this year...I am not one since I know anything I say I will screw up within a matter of hours or days.....

diet....good until I eat that first box of cookies or bag of candy

dress nicer...good until I go out to muck the hen house & yes I do wear the fancy long dresses to do this in, but then tend to smell like chicken poo for the rest of the day.  Ok I really don't care but sometimes the dirty hand prints across the butt area make people look at me funny.  Plus I never go anywhere fancy so only the neighbors & kids see me dresses up & they don't seem to shy away from my smelly self.

save Money....ok I am on the floor laughing.....what money????  Well maybe the change I tend to find on the floor next to the washing machine & put in my big pink piggy bank. but don't you have to have a job first to be able to do that?

So as you can see I am not good at the whole make the New Year better type of person, so I have to fall back on what I already know & can do.  So that's why the pretty sign thingie up above.  Plus I have always hated the having to PROVE yourself concept to get others to feel good about you.

I think falling back on the non-tangible things you learned as you were growing up are always the best way to go, unless you grew up doing the wrong things & are now a ex-con.....just so you know I am not nor ever plan that life style for myself...honestly I think it would be too much work & I'd rather nap.

Ok now back to what this whole blog was suppose to be able.....In my little world I still see too  many bad things occurring, children out of control, families falling apart, rude strangers walking about or in their cars who think nothing of creating a bad day for others....the list just never seems to end.  But I myself can be in control of how I see & react to my little world.

One of the most important things I have learned in 50 something years is the words 'Thank you' some ways they mean more to me that the words 'I love you'.  You can tear a person down by never saying those 2 words to them when they help you, even if its in a small way.  Being loved is great don't get me wrong, but those 2 words have a unbelievable power on a persons self-esteem.  How often do you hear that phrase said now a-days?  If you are one of the lucky ones, you hear it often but then hopefully say it as well.

Being loved makes you feel all warm & safe inside but those 2 simple words can make you feel like you can move the world.  For me they are very powerful words & I try to use them often....not in a off handed way but I really mean them when I say them to others. To share & show gratitude never gets old & you never know how you may change a persons day by doing it with a simple thank you.

Keeping promises is not something I ever say.....I may say I will TRY but I learned a long time ago promises are too easy to break or blow off & people get hurt by them.  I do like the concept of them but I just can't  do it, but I admire others who can.  Now you may hear me say I promise to drive safe or behave & those I mean, but I will always be honest & tell you No I can't promise being Honest is a big thing for me in my life.

Honesty is another idea we were taught that seems to have fallen to the way side.....I can't even stand little white lies anymore.  For me a lie is a saying its a white lie like that makes it any better.  Alright I must back up because I do lie when it comes to things like children who believe in Santa, the Easter bunny & so on.  I believed in them as a child & eventually learned its part of the magic of being a child & I refuse to take that away from them.  Plus those lies are not meant to ever hurt like other lies. Children get to learn the hard facts of life soon enough so I want them to have those happy lies as long as they can have them.  But once you've gotten through that stage I don't want your lies even if you say it was to protect me.  Cause I am telling you now it was to protect you not me.

I have lost many people in my life, so for me I try to let others know I love them often.  I have no problem telling my friends & family I love them each time I speak to them before I leave to go home or get off the phone.  How many times in life have you wished you could say that just one more time to someone who is no longer here?  They are easy to say & you don't have to be all mushy about it, but its nice to feel comfortable enough to say them.

I do have problems occasionally being gentle with others specially when they have ticked me off, but I tend to blow up or walk away which helps.  I have learned just because you don't always see eye to eye that being gentle in manner or words can help not only them but you.  I think if you can't say something nice its better to let the discussion end & walk away.  Sometimes we get so caught up in what's going on we speak before we think & what was meant to be kindness sounds harsh & mean.  Its hard to give in mentally when you feel something very strongly but its not your place to be the voice for someone else. 

I have also found that being older, I know things some of the younger ones haven't learned or know yet.  So this makes it hard for this old woman to keep her mouth shut & to treat them in a gentle method.  I have to remember that when I was younger I didn't want to hear what an elder did with the same problems I was having & that advise was not always welcomed.  so this learning to be gentle with others is something I still am working on & will probably be for the rest of my life cause I am telling you its one of the harder for me. 

Now sharing love & sharing kindness I don't seem to have much of a problem with...if anything I can honestly say I feel both of these with the people I know.....funny how sharing kindness is so different from the being gentle.  I am one of those people who never seems to meet a stranger.  I can talk to anyone as if I have known them my whole life.  Plus even though I prefer to be alone most of the time, when I am out I can walk up to anyone & visit, I don't feel any embarrassment of being this way.  Plus its nice to be able to chat while waiting in a grocery line, to share a smile or just a few words.  I know that some people have really made my day much happier by just speaking to me for a few seconds or giving me a smile.

The one thing I really like about this little list above is the 'laughing at yourself', boy am I good at that since I tend to do so many silly things without thinking about it.  I can't tell you the many times just being able to laugh at myself has saved me from hours of tears or pain.  Specially when I do something that hurts like falling or running into something.  Yes there are times I can't laugh & I do give in & cry for a bit but most of the time I can see a bit of humor in the horrible.  Living on the Farm I did quite a bit of laughing at myself since I did go through a few bad moments, but was able to see the humor instead of the pain, plus being able to go pick up one of my hens to comfort me. 

There was nothing better to put a smile on my face than when one of my hens would talk me through the pain...yea they talk...may have no clue to what they are really saying but they seemed to say what was needed saying at the moment.  I am sure they spent a few times laughing at me as well though they were very good at never letting me see it.

Since I have always been one to do a lot of charity I think I have the 'consider others' down pretty good, plus it seems to be in my nature to try & help/listen/be there for anyone that needs me.  When I tend to feel like I need to hid is when I know that I need to be out with other people.  Even if its just opening a door for someone or letting someone go in front of me at a store.  I think of this concept as 'Do a good deed' & its something I try to consciously do whenever I am outside my home.

The one thing I love about our little Blue collar town, is people here are much nicer when things are crazy compared to the bigger towns I have lived in.  People seem to be more patient, less angry or in a rush here, so being considerate of others is easier for me.  Its another way of also using the words 'Thank you' when you get a small bit of help unexpectedly.  When we moved here in 2008 I was so used to being flipped off, screamed at, cut off in the car that at first I had a hard time adjusting again to a calmer town where only the teens in a hurry once schools out, do I ever get honked at or flipped off...& those I can ignore cause they are teens in their own little world plus it happens very seldom here.  I also know someday they will be me & some teen will do the same thing so they will get their payback.......big smile on my face right now.

The last thing on the list is 'Do your best' three very simple words, but have a very big meaning.  For each of us it also has a different meaning, my best may not be as good/better than yours, but each of us has the goal of what we want to do throughout our lives.  We probably will never get to the point we feel we can not get any better & how cool is that?  To do your best may not always be fair/simple/easy but I think each day we have the ability to show others & ourselves just what we can do. 

I know I will never be a billionaire, a Great famous artist or a top notch chicken Queen but its fun to dream about all of them & see where the day will lead me.  Whether its a hard working day or a simply easy day I like that whatever it is I did, I did my best, not for someone else but me.  I don't always need to hear-I love you, thank you & so on (from someone else) to know that I love myself & I thank myself for the things I did.

The one thing that wasn't up there that I feel I need to add is to 'appreciate yourself'  That may sound vain or self serving but I think we all need to know we are important to ourselves as well as to others.  It took decades for me to learn to love myself & to appreciate who I am...& it was not an easy thing for me to accomplish but I am finally there.  I will never set the world on fire nor make huge changes to the world I live in, but I do think me being in it is a good thing & I know that my chickens & family are glad I am here.  Sometimes the small things we do while alive are the big things people will remember us by when we have passed on.  Plus who else would allow my chickens free run of their house?

Ok enough seriousness for this blog, but I just had to share this little list with you just so you can see all the wonderful things about yourselves that you may have forgotten or don't see.  Each of us has these wonderful things inside us & sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Until next time have a Great Chicken day!