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Sunday, November 17, 2013

its been 50 years...remembering JFK

Good morning everyone!

Ok I admit I was a very small child of near 5 but I do remember this day.  I came in from playing to find my Mother sitting on the floor in front of the TV crying & didn't understand when she said the President had been killed.  At that age being killed or death was not something I really understood but I knew whatever it was it made my Mother cry & that was not good.  A President was just some man that came on TV & talked to the adults & made no sense to this little girl.  I had never seen a gun so I didn't know what being shot meant either.

It wasn't until my teens that I really got the concept of what a President was & what he meant to the American people.  By this time I had seen enough violence to understand why the death of a President would be so painful to so many people.

My first experience of what it means when a president is injured is when president Reagan was shot & the confusion & anger it caused among the people.  It seemed no one could understand why it happened even though the boy/man was there & taken into custody.  I remember people talking about the experience they had had when president Kennedy had been killed.

Watching the news this morning & seeing the Dallas event brought me to tears again, not so much because it was a President being killed but the memories of how much pain my Mother had felt.  I also see it as I age, in a different light & feel pain of seeing Jackies face during all the TV newscast & how she was able to keep it all together at the time.

As a mother & wife I can not image being able to hold it together like she was able to.  To be next to your husband while he is being shot & it being publicized must have been so traumatizing for her yet she showed such will power & grace during it all.

I was way too young at the time to know whether he was a great President or not, but as I age I see that he could have been a man we could have appreciated as he aged.  Who knows what he could have accomplished if he had lived?  Right now with all the conspiracy theories going on ( like they have for years) its hard to know what to think when it comes to his death.

This is not about politics for me, its just memories from a very young age & how that one event in my life  seemed to change the world.  How would the U.S. be today if he had been able to finish his time in office?  Would we be better off or would things be worse because he had lived.

Yes, I know this is all really a useless way to think, but I can't help but  think each President we have might have been a great person to make our America a better America in the long run.

I just know that that event was talked about forever by the adults around me at the time & how they saw it as an end to the America they had & the changes would not be good.

So today is a day for me to recall this very sad event that occurred in my small life & helped change my viewpoints as an adult.

Until next time have a great chicken day,



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