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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A trip of a life time or how to avoid Lava kisses

                                    Kona Hawaii May 2012

This trip has been in the making for 22 years when my college friend made a statement she dreamed of some day going to my head the thought that I would make it happen for her.

At the time I had only know her for about a year or so but knew we would be friends for many years to come & I hoped that this was something I could give to forward to my hubby going to Afghanistan 2011 & me hoarding all the money I could while he was new clothes, fancy shoes or even fancy meals...I saved every penny I got that didn't need to go for house payments, gas bills, electric bills & so on...

I did still spoil my chickens with the co-op buys of grains & oats but rarely did anything myself that might cost money...I made sure there was extra money saved so my hubby could go see his folks when he came back on a 2 week leave to see his folks in Vegas & then again when he returned for good.....I felt if I could do this after all these years without him getting upset he could go spend all the time he wanted with his parents.

                               black sand beach  Hawaii

I got all the tickets for this in February which included flying me to L.a. California from here, flying Anne' from Missouri to L.A. California, motel for the to Kona Hawaii, hotel room with kitchen & rental car, then return tickets to L.A. California then more tickets to get us both back money to pay for all our luggage on the flights, food, gas & so on...

I also spent 8 hours on the web looking for foods I could cook & make for Anne's type 2 diabetes that would keep her healthy, bought a case of bottled water we kept in the trunk of the car for while out & even packed lunches & snacks for her each day.

I down loaded maps with directions also for areas we wanted to go & kept everything in a folder so it was with me at all times......ok so that was a great idea but still got lost a lot along the way but hey its not like we would end up in Texas or something...right?!

  large sea turtle who seemed to really like me at the Black Sand beach

   Another big sea turtle sunning itself at the Black sand beach

All that salt water air cleaned out my sinuses so I had very few allergy problems & loved how my skin felt after a day at the beaches or playing in the water.  yeah we got a tad sunburned but I put sun screen on us before me left the hotel room & made sure we didn't stay out all day in the sun but took breaks where it was shady or headed back to the room for rest or down time.

Our room was right across the street from the hotel beach area that had 2 gas BBQ grills & 2 charcoal grills plus nice picnic tables so I BBQ'd one night out there & brought a salad I made & a fruit dish as well so we could eat out there.  I decided though I prefer charcoal grills that the gas grill was nicer to the environment & quicker.  We watched the boys surf & waves come in at high tide...a very nice way to end the day.

I really tried to do as much as I could for Anne' to enjoy but it seemed at times I just mad her angry with all my getting lost & having to turn around...for me it was no big deal as everywhere we went it was beautiful...even dead end streets had cool houses & pretty trees & beautiful flowers to see.

We did get to go to some cool open air markets that had local fruits & veggies plus items like clothes, jewelry, sculptures ect...sure was fun to talk with everyone & see all the neat things they were selling...As you know since they are an Island most everything has to be brought in by ship so that raises the cost of any non-native item.....A lot of the prices were like it was up here in Massachusetts except for gas...that was $4.85 a gallon for regular gas...about $1,25 or so more than here but everything else balanced out when I spent most of the money on local grown foods/fruits/veggies.


                             Beautiful underwater life

I finally got to snorkel one day & actually went out into the open area of the sea with all its monster currents......took some pictures with an underwater camera that I have yet to develop but man talk about all the different types of coral...very cool...saw a few parrot fish (males) & a few other fish but they were so fast couldn't get good pictures of them before a wave sent me off in another direction.....Spent about 30 minutes doing this until a massive wave caught my snorkeling tube & took off with it...decided I needed to get out then as I kept getting hit & drinking more salt water than I needed to....but oh was it fun. Tried to teach Anne' in a shallow calm area away from the waves but she seems to have a water fear even though she can swim....

Sure made me wish I still scuba dived & still had my license cause I know I would have been in heaven if I could have done that....but the snorkeling was great so I couldn't complain about it.

  Really cool tree at one of the markets where little green lizards hung out.

All said & done I had a wonderful time & really enjoyed getting to meet new people, kind people & fun tons of Hawaii hugs from woman which was pretty cool....came back with a few lava kisses...that's when you get thrown onto the lav from a wave & it cuts you open...painful but now have a reminder on my legs of the tons of shells to create a new line of jewelry with...beautiful coral that was every where on the large piece will go in my Mothers memorial garden for her to enjoy...the others will be used & some carved for jewelry.....but brought home no sand, lava or rocks...big no-no as you will be cursed with bad luck if you do I was a good girl & left that alone.

I have now decided to save money for a trip to the small more native non-commercial Island for my hubby & I to go to could say I am not a big shopper or have to go to all the popular places most go when they hit the islands...for me it was enjoying the beauty around me...taking my time & really seeing things like the boys surfing or a small boy with a small net catching shrimp to take home for supper.

One big thing happened my last night there...I was at the hotel beach area watching the sun set for the last time & had a family come by me.....they were spreading the ashes of the fathers daughter & throwing out flowers into the ocean...I will tell you I cried for them, it was such a painful but beautiful experience to witness...with all this beauty there could still be sure hit me hard to realize someone so young had passed & they came to Hawaii to send her to the ocean where she had been the happiest.
      they call this a ground dove...such a pretty little thing

Now to not end on a sad note I did get to hear Roosters, see a few hens & a big pretty boy while I was in Hawaii...this boy was at the Kona town market & let me get close to him to take his picture...he even fluffed up his feathers for me & groomed while I sat there with the camera....

I have a wall dedicated to my chickens with tons of their pictures plus artwork & needlework friends have given me...I plan to copy this picture & add it to the wall as he was such a sweet boy he needs to be remembered by me.

needless to say I was super tired by the time I got home...being in airports & planes for 2 days was super hard on my body...the company had screwed up my flight from L.A. California to home but after almost of 2 hours work by a girl in Kona we got me a flight home so I will always be thankful for her help & kindness....

I wished I could have done better for my best friend so she didn't get mad at me like she did, though I feel guilty about that I am glad I was able to keep a promise I had made 22 years ago to her.  I loved Hawaii & all that I got to see & do plus I got to eat spicy octopus again...yea!!! that stuff & they don't do it right here on the main land..

Until next time have a wonderful chicken day...M'

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  1. Your trip sounds incredible even if your friend was not always on the same path as you. Your such a kind soul and I know this trip will be with you forever. I still remember mine and that was some 23 years ago. I can close my eyes and still feel the breeze, the sweet smells and the incredible adventures I had..