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I am a 50+ yr old stay at home wife of a scientist/Military man.  I raise chickens for eggs, rescue dogs & cats & spoil them all.  I am a silver/metal smith & stained glass artist.  I, at one time was an secondary art teacher & Social Studies teacher.  I am sorta a eclectic earth mother who recycles everything I can get my hands on.  Enjoy working with power tools & even built my own 10ft by 6ft chicken coop.  am pretty much interested in learning everything I can thur books, magazines & friends. I enjoy veggie gardening & doing gardens just for the chickens. I also sew & love making pioneer style comfortable clothes for myself & adding vintage lace when I can find it. I am pretty easygoing, but need my coffee first before I am ready to face the world & day.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Land of the Free is now becoming land of the Lost

I had to add this picture as something to smile about cause lately I am so sad over all that I am hearing.

Awhile back I heard about a woman being arrested for having a garden in her front yard...seems a neighbor thought it lowered the valve of the properties...then I hear about an Amish man being arrested on his farm at gun point for selling raw milk...Then a community who fought a man who had chickens, not only was his chickens poisoned but his property allowed to flood when the city didn't clean out the drainage areas around his property, then decided to take his house for the land as they wanted the area for a wetlands.....ended up just recently to have died either by suicide or murder...not sure what occurred & no one is talking...then the family who were hauled into court & told they had no right to own a cow...then lastly the 2 farms where all the pigs were shot cause they had the wrong color hair & were considered to be 'Old World' pigs which are now illegal to have in that state....

I am sure many of you will not agree with what I have to say but I am really upset over this.....The only one I know of right now that came out ok was the woman with the garden, the town backed down & she is allowed to return home & have her garden but the others have been damaged beyond belief.

Now most of you know I am a simple woman, educated yes but not overly political & even with all my smarts I just don't get any of this.  Has someone decided they are the Powers to be & can make rules as they wish?  Have some people gotten so high on their power over others they are now taking it a step farther & actually taking laws into their own hands?......I wish I could say yes or no to this but honestly I just don't know why these people are in any form of power in the first place.

Over the years with the movement to go back to a simpler life style it seems all types of people are coming out of the woodwork to make what we want to do a crime....I do know that big business has stepped in & with money changing hands things we take for granted or as our right are now being seen as criminal.  We can't eat what we want without someone saying its wrong, we can't live the way we want cause someone out there feels we need to be paying someone some where for the right to even be on our own land......Growing crops of any kind can get you in to big trouble is your crops pollinate someone Else's fields or your crops can be taken away from you if you have cross pollinated crops from a farm who is growing for a big can have your children taken away form you if you give them raw milk or refuse to have the required shots for them to start school.

If the City, County or State decide they want your land for a wetland or natural preserve you can be arrested & held at gunpoint if you refuse to leave....

Everyone says we have 'given rights' being Americans but the problem is those rights are not concrete rights nor is there anything that says what the true rights of an America are besides the right to bear arms & even that one is being tested.  so what is our true rights???

No longer can we raise our children as we see fit without someone somewhere deciding we are doing it wrong & the children would be better off in foster care...Want to fly the flag?...can't do that in certain areas anymore....isn't that a natural right of an American? guess not.

Before I get hate mail I do want to say I understand that some laws are very important but when has owning & milking a cow for your family become more important that keeping drugs off the street?...I hear more about this type of thing that I do the important things like drug bust & house invasions......when did veggie gardens in the front yard become such a horrible thing that we need to jail the person doing it?  Was the law about the 'Old world' pigs/wild boars ect really meant to kill all pigs on farms & not the ones running wild in the woods & state?....I read the documentation on that & was shocked not to see how this was was left open so any pig anywhere in the state can be targeted & the owners arrested & jailed for having illegal pigs.....Now honestly does going on to a farm & forcing the farmer to shoot all the pigs & piglets make sense to you? they had to let them rot, couldn't butcher them as food......

is that really the answer to all these offenses to just go in with guns, scare the families, treat them like criminals, arrest them & pretty much take everything away from them?

It seems to some that this is the don't do what I want I will make your life a living hell.  I am seeing this more & more & just haven't gotten any idea why its occurring besides the power trips.  when did life in America become something like a Nazi war camp...Ok please don't yell I just have no other words to express this so you can understand how I feel about it all.

I have lived in a third world country that had more rights than we do when it comes to farming, farm animals & eating what we want.....No one comes in and raids them for owning a cow or eating fresh veggies they grew in their own garden without pesticides or chemicals.

I am just so heart sick over this & fear for the future of our children, grand children & great grand children...The land of the Free isn't so Free anymore....M'


  1. Hi thanks for sharing this post it is saddening. Please stop by Hibiscus I would like to invite you to follow and enter the giveaway from MJF Sister Elaine Tolson...

  2. Well said, Michele'! Does this mean we can expect a cow in your back yard? :)

  3. Oh Kelley you know me sooo if I could I would & if my front yard was large enough & got enough sun I would have a veggie garden in it as well........I am just so heart sick over all this that I am reading & seeing on the news. Why is what going on so wrong when we just want the best for our families?
    Thank you Hibiscus house for your sweet your Blog & enjoy having you as a MJ farm hen...

  4. I too worry about this and have been on that wrong side. When I lived in town I grew baby carrots in between my lovely rose bushes. I received a summons from the county saying I had 7 days to remove all unapproved vegatations or be fined $1,000.00 ever day those unapproved items stayed in my ground. That's right My ground... They where not paying my bills. You could not even see them unless you stood right on top of it. Who turned me in - my neighbor who put more chemicals on his grass then I think most use in the whole city. They even ate at our house, yep ate the carrots and so I sold that house and hope he chocked on his chemicals. I too wonder where I can live where I can live free and with they way I want. Even out here the county is deciding all sorts of things that I feel they have no rights to even open their mouths.

  5. Michelle, I so totally understand your angst and share it with you. I have come to a conclusion with which you may not agree, but for me, it explains everything.

    With people, there is always the need for "the authority" under which we place ourselves and that authority constitutes either God or Man. When a nation puts its authority under God, the freedoms ARE written in stone and never change. But when a nation puts the authority under Man, the rules change with the man. There are people who love power and love to control other people. But the citizens have to ALLOW them the power and control. That is exactly what citizens in the US have done - allowed the people in government to have power and control over us, instead of God.

    John Adams wrote that our Constitution was established for a moral and religious people and "for any other it is totally inadequate". We the people are going to have to start putting Godly people into office and quit making men our authority. Whenever a politician promises us "stuff" we need to run like the wind. All we need is a politician who promises the freedom to succeed or fail on our own - not a promise of success. When they promise outcomes, they place themselves into power over us. The people of this country must place God as the authority. Otherwise, things will only get worse. JMHO.

  6. Thank you so much M for expressing what so many of us feel, I for one do not have the words or education to say it the way you have. I too wait for the day that I can move into my Cabin in the Woods where no one can tell me I can not have a horse, chicken or whatever I want. They can not tell me how to live or what I can or can not do. I live under HOA rules in a very small community in the mountains and after 4 years I do not want to live under their rules anymore. We knew when we bought our property and house about the HOA but at that time we accepted it as we needed a house to live in and we had run out of time looking for what we wanted. So, as soon as the housing market picks up and we can make some updates on our home we will put in on the market. We will finally start looking for that Cabin in the Woods where no one can tell me how I should live, I can be free to do and live as I want without anyone telling me different.
    Thanks M.

  7. thank you ladies for your comments....its such a shame that it has come to this where we even have to think about how we live our lives....we all think we have the choice to do the right things for our families but then we find out just how wrong we are if someone disagrees with what we plan to do or are doing.
    I so agree with the laws or man being 'not written in stone' idea...each man has a different way of seeing the laws that are not clearly written out so we are at the mercy of some who get the 'I am the Powers to be" mantality that hurts more than it does good...... Since I am pagan in belief & feel all religions have the right to be I would hope all religions would see that man can & do make mistakes but if we all have a true moral sense of fairness & kindness some of what occurs might now occur....Plus to fight seems to always take money which by the time the person involved is bankrupt to the point they can't take it to court & lose...thats what gets me, you have no recourse when someone comes out of the blue & nails you to the wall, if you have no money to take it farther......& Debbie I so agree with the idea of the HOA getting too big headed for its own good...they are the ones who fight the flag flying that I read about all the time.....One persons dream is not anothers but they get this idea they are the total law over their area......Even a cabin out in the woods is no longer safe from others eyes if they decide to come after you......such a shame to feel that you have little control over how you live....M'

  8. Thanks for this post!! I have a garden in my front yard and my POA sends me letters telling me to mow my yard. But I have gotten enough people on my side that i dont have to worry about that anymore. What was funny it as fine for me to have my goats grazing on the front yard but not a tall garden?!?! I still garden in the front yard but i keep all my animals in the back yard. I do get alot of cars stopping and looking at my yard when i have some chickens that flew over the fence. The letters i get are always about driving property values down.

  9. Thank you Michele! It is discouraging and frustrating! I had a conversation last week with my chiropractor about his battle in town so that his son could raise chickens. It's absolutely ridiculous what is happening the "Land of the Free"!